Bill Black

I have been going to see Maria for just over a year now. I used to exercise regularly – weight-training, running, karate – until an injury to my lower left back made it impossible to move freely without pain. I had 6 months of NHS physiotherapy but found that the pain, though diminished, still persisted making it impossible for me to exercise without pain. Although Pilates, which I took up as an alternative form of exercise, helped I still could not lift weights or run. Over the course of a year I made two visits to my GP to see if anything else could be done and was told it was just a problem I would have to live with. I picked up one of Maria’s leaflets at my workplace and made an appointment to see her. She listened carefully to my history and tested my mobility. She explained the course of treatment to me and we began at the first session. Within three weekly sessions, the severity of my back pain had diminished to the point where it could best be described as a minor niggle. Over a longer period of time - 2-3 months – the pain, which previously would flare up if I had been sitting still for an hour or so or had gone on a long walk, was no longer an issue. What had been a constant pain which I felt whilst doing everyday tasks had diminished to something that I would become aware of only if I was doing something physically strenuous for a prolonged period. Even then, the pain is never anywhere near as severe as it was when I first met Maria. The results of her treatments were tangible and obvious. I have been back at the gym for 18 months now and am lifting weights again and using the cross-trainer 3 time a week. I see Maria fortnightly for an hour as a kind of maintenance session. She keeps tabs on my progress and works on any areas that require attention. The constant pain I used to suffer has gone and the ongoing sessions with Maria keep it that way. Her broad range of skills and experience have helped me immensely and I cannot recommend Maria highly enough as a therapist.