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Swedish Massage and Reflexology Brighton and Hove

Swedish Massage and Reflexology

Swedish Massage

This is a holistic massage which aims to totally relax your body and mind and encourages stability and equilibrium of the body systems.

It differs from other types of massage in that I use only light or medium pressure depending on your preferences. Hands, forearms and elbows are all used to work on the superficial tissues using a variety of techniques from gentle gliding strokes to kneading and chopping actions.

Swedish massage is usually performed on the whole body but can be used to target specific areas of stress or tension depending on your needs. shutterstockface massage

Benefits of Swedish massage may include

improvement of blood circulation
relaxation of tight muscles
relaxation of the mind
stress and anxiety relief
helping you to sleep better



Reflexology is based on the idea that the feet have zones and reflex areas which correspond with the body. Using gentle pressure on a specific part of the foot, the aim is to provide relief in the matching area of the body e.g. the arches of the feet match with the large and small intestine.

Reflexologists also believe that manipulation of the feet sends energy or chi/qi to parts of the body in a similar way to acupressure.



Benefits of Reflexology may be similar to those of Swedish Massage

…and it feels great!

Please make sure your feet are washed before your session and I’m unable to work on feet with infectious conditions e.g. fungal infections such as athletes foot or verrucas.