Why Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports Massage feels great. Other benefits of the soft tissue work in sports massage may include:

Speeding up injury repair and being a vital part of rehabilitation
Preventing injury by showing up early signs of problem areas
Realigning the muscle fibers
Encouraging flexibility
Decreasing muscle cramps
Preparing and warming the muscles for activity pre-event or training
Relaxing the muscles post-event
SciaticaSymptomatic relief of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).
Assisting in mental preparation
soccer male player holding injured knee

Don’t Wait To Be Injured

Although sports massage is used to relieve symptoms during acute, post-acute and chronic injury stages and may speed up recovery and help with rehabilitation, don’t wait until you’re injured before you get one.

This type of treatment should be part of any active or sporty person’s training or fitness program.

At the end of the treatment, appropriate rehabilitation exercises will be suggested if needed to aid your recovery further and improve your sports performance.

If you’re a first time marathoner in need of motivation please read this blog I wrote in February 2015 for ideas on how to keep going.

Event Massage

I regularly work at races and events, giving pre- and post event sports massage treatments to aid performance and recovery. If you are taking part in an event or race make sure you get pre and post event massage when it’s available. I can’t recommend it enough and that’s from personal experience.

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