Release Your Back & Shoulder Pain.

Look after your tired legs.

Sports or Clinical Massage are an advanced form of remedial or deep tissue massage.

Techniques used may benefit painful tissues which have been tightened or damaged through sports activities or poor posture and repetitive actions in your daily life, such as sitting at a computer. Pain can also be caused by injury and even emotional distress.

Sports and Clinical Massage are superb for assisting with relieving symptoms of

neck and shoulder pain
lower back pain
muscular aches and pains, especially during training for a sports event
migraines, headaches or jaw pain
RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome
sciatica or piriformis syndrome
postural issues
strains or sprains
A physio gives myotherapy using trigger points on athlete woman

I went to see Maria primarily for treatment on my calves as I suffer from intermittent Achilles Tendonitis. She has provided the most comprehensive massages I have ever had including extensive stretching and advice on rehab exercises.
I find this not only physically beneficial, but also mentally relaxing. I have had no problems with the Achilles on the last two road races I have completed, including the Brighton Marathon where Maria showed me how to kinesiotape my Achilles. Maria has a pleasant and friendly manner and I have recommended her to friends with sports injuries.

Hugh Martin

100 Marathon Club Runner


What sort of treatment will I get?

I will create a personalized therapeutic massage treatment plan for you, which is tailored to meet your needs, whether it’s helping you out of pain or injury, or simply for relaxation.

Once an initial consultation is carried out, I will agree on realistic outcomes with you. Then using a range of cutting edge soft tissue techniques I will strive to help you get the results you want. At the end of your treatment I offer aftercare advice, including rehabilitation exercises.

Contact Maria Pali, ACMT, Cert MA, ITEC, MSTO Sports Massage

Tel 07789 465941 to arrange a consultation


Hey! Thanks for yesterday. I woke this morning for the first time in a week without a headache. My head feel like its lost weight and all that pressure round the front has gone. It’s a miracle cure! You certainly know your stuff.

Jane Gant

Bus Driver

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