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Cupping Therapy Brighton and Hove

michael phelpsIf you watched the Olympics then you will have noticed athletes such as US swimmer Michael Phelps with the circular red marks on their skin where cupping has been performed. Cupping literally sucks the skin up in a vacuum. However, this form of cupping is likely to be part of an ancient Chinese medicine treatment and the marks left can look unsightly and feel sore afterwards.

2_big_cups_2_lowresI use the kinder and more sensitive Bellabaci method of cupping.The cups used are made from silicone and draw the tissues up within a vacuum. Depending on how much suction is used and the size of the cups, this can be a slow relaxing and incredibly gentle massage, activating the lymphatic system and promoting deep relaxation or as deep as 4 inches into the tissues like the very best deep tissue massage.

If you’ve ever experienced myofascial skin rolling techniques favoured by Rolfers, then you will have an idea of how the cups feel.

SRS_1036Although Bellabaci cups can leave marks if a strong vacuum is created, this is not the intention of this treatment. The skin can feel warm and tingling and even become pink for a short time after treatment depending on how much release occurs. I also incorporate gentle Swedish massage techniques or firmer deep tissue work into the sessions depending on your requirements.

Bellabaci cupping can be used as a wonderful relaxation treatment to aid your well being. It can increase blood supply and remove stagnant energy or Qi. It may help to remove toxins and can work lightly on the lymphatic system or deeply into the muscles and fascial connective tissue systems.SRS_1049

This treatment is not suitable for pregnant ladies, if you are energy depleted or suffering from a systemic condition.