The following form must be completed in the 24 hours before each appointment. Please note: I am not currently able to offer massage to those who are exempt from wearing a face covering.

Please complete and submit the form. I will contact you if it is too risky for me to see you face to face. If in doubt, please call me on 07789465941

There are several major changes to make your massage experience as safe as is possible

(these will be reviewed and updated frequently over the coming weeks and you will be informed of changes)

It's extremely important that you read the following 3 guidelines and take the precautions requested


Brighton & Hove Therapies

  • The reception will no longer be manned
  • Chairs have been removed from reception and we ask you to avoid using the waiting area. Please try to arrive just before your appointment and wait outside of the front door leaving 2 meters space until I come to greet you
  • In common areas, please adhere to the 2 meter rule
  • You can no longer make card payments at reception. I have a new online booking system where you can pay for your appointment in advance. I can take also accept online transfer payments. Please avoid bringing cash. I will have a card reader and can put cash into a sealed envelope if there is no other way that you can pay
  • The clinic will be deep cleaned in the mornings and at the end of the day.
  • Extra time is being allowed between your sessions to deep clean the room and any areas which may have been touched including the massage table and face cradle.
  • Hand sanitisers will be available in the reception and in the treatment rooms. Please use them after washing your hands and if you need to blow your nose at any time.
  • Please attend your appointments alone unless you have an essential carer
  • The rooms will be ventilated between appointments
Washing hands Corona Virus

What I Ask of You

  • You will need to make time to complete an online consultation form prior to your clinic appointment. This will be part of your session and replaces the usual consultation where necessary. I may still need to carry out special tests in the clinic before I begin massaging but your time in the clinic room will be reduced as this now becomes part of your session minutes.
  • Please if possible, download the NHS Covid 19 app onto your phone and scan into the clinic QR code on arrival. 
  • I am required to give details to NHS track and trace of all clients who have visited if this is requested by them.
  • You must complete and submit a Covid-19 symptom and risk screening form in the 24 hours before every session. I cannot see you without this being completed and you meet the Covid-19 low risk safety criteria for attending clinic. (see top of page)
  • Please arrive to your appointment freshly showered and in clean clothes. If you are coming straight from work, or via public transport please change into clean fresh clothes before arriving if possible (you may change in the toilets if you need to)
  • Please attempt to avoid touching anything on your way to the treatment room
  • Please don't bring bags of shopping into the clinic and keep bags to a minimum.
  • Please bring your own pen, water or drink with you.
  • Please do not drape your clothes or coat over the chairs. Please put them straight into the covered plastic container provided
  • Please leave the couch as it is when you have finished your session. Leave towels, linens and disposable face covering on the table and not on the floor
  • I require you to wear a clean face cover or mask throughout your treatment. If you do not have one, I will provide you with one
  • I will request to take your temperature by contact-less thermometer upon arrival. This will not diagnose Covid-19 but might suggest that you are unwell. Your temperature will be recorded
  • Please contact me to re-arrange your appointment if you have a temperature, or are feeling unwell or if any person in your household has the same or is self-isolating. 
  • Do not come to the clinic if anyone you live with someone is self-isolating or is displaying symptoms known to be consistent with Covid-19
  • Please inform me as a matter of urgency if you get Covid symptoms after your appointment

Precautions I will take

  • I have completed online training on Covid-19 and disease prevention. It must be stressed that this is in no way a qualification nor makes me an expert or able to diagnose
  • Bookings and note taking will now both be done online. I am using Sports Injury Fix software which is GDPR compliant
  • Online forms have been created to be submitted by you using Jotforms who are also GDPR compliant
  • Where needed, I will conduct consultations before your appointment via phone or video link to minimise time in the treatment room. This will form part of your session time
  • I will complete my own Covid-19 symptom and risk screening before every clinic day session and call you to postpone if I have symptoms. I will also contact anyone I have seen as required by NHS track and tracing to inform them and postpone future appointments
  • I will arrive in clinic freshly showered and will change into clean clothes upon arrival. My travel clothes will be double bagged and stored and taken home
  • I have had a thorough review of my practice and the services I offer. For the time being I will not be offering pregnancy massage.
  • I will wear a visor and the required face mask and change them between clients. I will also wear a disposable apron and gloves throughout your appointment. All of these will be disposed of appropriately.
  • I will wash my hands before and after treating you and use a hand sanitiser. If I need to blow my nose, I will immediately dispose of the tissue and sanitise my hands before proceeding
  • All linens will be double bagged and washed at temperatures of 60 degrees or more and replaced for each client.
  • A disposable spatula will be used for each client to take massage waxes and balms from the pot.
  • I have carried out a thorough risk assessment. This is in addition to risk assessments carried out by Brighton & Hove Therapies and required by my professional body