Why Corporate Onsite Chair Massage?

Corporate On-site chair massage is a wonderful investment in your staff and may make sense financially. This is a positive way to demonstrate your commitment to the health and wellbeing of your staff. On-site chair massage helps to boost moral and motivation and may help improve productivity in your company. It may even help reduce absencefrom work through stress related conditions.

Sixty per cent of workers in the UK say they would feel more motivated if their employer took action to support their mental wellbeing.

I offer on-site massage at your workplace, which can be as often as you wish; weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The minimum time I spend in each workplace is 1 hour, so it can be as relevant for small businesses as it is for larger ones.

Staff party or special occasions

I am also available for one off occasions for when you want to treat your staff


What would a treatment entail?

Treatments are carried out on my portable massage chair or desk cradle. Usually the receiver is fully dressed and no oils are used.  Sessions typically last about 20 minutes per person (any more could be too relaxing) – However, in this short time, I can achieve a huge amount in terms of loosening up tight muscles and relieving stress. Taster sessions are also a great way to identify problem areas that need more work in the future. I finish each treatment with some techniques to invigorate and wake each person up so that they are refreshed when they begin work again.

Desk Top Massage and other treatments

If your office is too small to accommodate a massage chair I have a desk top massage cradle which can be used desk to desk. Because it’s so portable, I can easily move between offices. Why not team up with your neighbours and arrange for me to visit both your offices? I can even offer prices to groups of individuals on request.

I can also provide any of the following:

Indian Head Massage
Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage (depending on privacy and space)
Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessments and advice

Contact me for prices and to arrange a complimentary taster chair massage session at your workplace

I believe I offer a truly unique service and am confident that I can convince you of the benefits of on-site corporate chair massage in 20 minutes.

Let me show you.

Contact Maria Pali, ACMT, Cert MA, ITEC, MSTO Sports Massage

Tel 07789 465941 to arrange a consultation

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