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How good would a massage be on a day like today?

Man Lying On Front Getting Message At Spa

Sports and Clinical Massage

Soft tissue therapy for everything from back, neck and shoulder pain or injury to RSI, sciatica and even migraines.

Find out more Sports massage - Lower back massage - Physical therapist doing massage of lower back. Toned image, selective focus.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage aims to connect with deeper muscles, tendons, ligaments and most importantly the fascia. 

Find out more Massage on the massage chair in the office. Masseur does massage to a man sitting on a massage chair in a clinic.

Corporate on-site Massage

Onsite massage at your workplace, which can be for a special occasion or on a regular basis.

Find out more the massage therapist makes a belly massage to a pregnant young woman

Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing and nurturing massage that may relieve many of the conditions and symptoms experienced by mothers to be. 

Find out more Cupping therapy, woman removes cups from the patient's back


Silicone cups placed on the skin form a vacuum which increases circulation and can be used for deep tissue massage or lighter lymphatic drainage.

Find out more Close up image of physiotherapist massaging female patient with injured neck muscle. Sports injury treatment

Swedish Massage

This is a holistic massage which aims to totally relax your body and mind and encourages stability and equilibrium of the body systems.

Find out more Foot massage


Reflexology is based on the idea that the feet have zones and reflex areas which correspond with the body. Using gentle pressure on a specific part of the foot, the aim is to provide relief in the matching area of the body e.g. the arches of the feet match with the large and small intestine.

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